Soup Around the World

UMass Pride. Those are two words that just fit. Other words that you can join with those two are family, loyalty, and heart. One UMass man exhibited those traits and themes above all: Eric ‘Soup’ Sopracasa. For many years now, Eric has been a common denominator and unifier as we think about the UMass Way and all that is right with the program and its history. Many of us have heard about Soup and the type of man that he was, and each time that we do it uplifts us. We’ve heard that he was the ultimate epitome of a brother, a son, an athlete, a friend and a man. Sadly, Eric lost his life back in 1999 playing the game he most loved with his brothers at UMass. To this day, every player who steps on the field wearing a UMass jersey, also wears a 43 (Soups #) on their helmet. Soup will never be forgotten and this initiative is another way to bring the UMass community together while sharing memories wearing their own "43" apparel.